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Qcalendarwidget stylesheet

You should also be able to put the stylesheet itself in a resource file Message-ID: 385157682 Hey there, I'm trying my best with the stylesheet of r/Tomorrowland but it acts weird [email protected] You can put CSS Style Rule Syntax as follows: selector { property: value } Example: You can define a table border as follows: table{ border :1px solid #C00; } Here table is a selector and border is.

QCalendarWidget的是有好几个控件组成的,那么为了设置其样式表,只要分别设置的组成其的所有控件的样式即可搞定, 为了获取每个控件的objectName 有两种方式,1.通过源码,找到QCalendarWidget的源文件,如果在安装Qt时,选择安装了源码,可以找到每个控件的名称,2.

The Calendar Widget example displays a QCalendarWidget and lets the user configure its appearance and behavior using QComboBox es, QCheckBox es, and QDateEdit s. In addition, the user can influence the formatting of individual dates and headers. The properties of the QCalendarWidget are summarized in the table below. Property.

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Below is how the calendar with background color on tool buttons will look like. In order to do this we will use setStyleSheet method with the QCalendarWidget object, below is the style sheet code. QCalendarWidget QToolButton { background-color : lightgreen; } QCalendarWidget QToolButton::hover { background-color : cyan; } QCalendarWidget. .

QT can use the same style sheet as html to decorate the page, and the syntax is similar to that of css. On this basis, you can write qss files to skin the controls or pages.

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